You are currently viewing Exclusive Distributor for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – AROMA STATION!

Exclusive Distributor for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – AROMA STATION!

In the heart of the Persian Gulf, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an Exclusive Perfumatic perfume spraying vending machine will soon be available. For the first time in history, it will be possible and affordable for everyone to enjoy Arabian ouds and Exclusive fragrances in any location thanks to our Exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia. Aroma Station is a pioneer in the Gulf that exclusively offers the most consumable, exclusive, luxury and demanded product that will be available to everyone – perfume spraying service.

Together with Aroma Station, we can say that the Middle East perfumery sector will change completely:

  • Finally, there will be an exclusive perfume spraying service for everyone to enjoy and get the opportunity to try the most luxurious perfumes.
  • For perfume companies and perfume manufacturers Aroma Station offers an exclusive solution – effective tool to promote their brands and fragrances… Unique product presentation – an exclusive opportunity for Saudi perfume companies.
  • The luxury unattended service of perfume spraying will also be presented exclusively for businesses… More than favorable feedback from visitors/customers – secured. A unique opportunity to attract visitors and expand the recognition of their public areas and get a competitive advantage for any business!
Perfumatic - Man,Opening,Perfume,Bottle

Perfumatic vending machine for perfume spraying – A unique machine in the world that has been satisfying the needs of both consumers and machine owners consistently for 10 years. Aroma Station provides a unique opportunity to use your favorite fragrances in any place and under any circumstances, as well as an opportunity to try exclusive and premium fragrances from luxury brands. 

Luxury and affordable product – for the first time in history two incompatible criteria could be realized in one product. Don’t waste your time! Contact our Exclusive Distributor:

CEO/Founder: Hani Abdullah Bamansur
Phone: +966 56 898 9810
Webpage: (in process)

Meet AROMA STATION – Exclusive Distributor of Perfumatic Vending Machines for perfume spraying – unique and limited product on the Saudi market!